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Sculptor Ruth Burink has been creating graceful, imaginative, and powerful works in stone and various media for many years. Her work is collected internationally, both publicly and privately, through galleries and commissions. Burink takes her inspiration from the natural world. Her sculpting results in forms which reveal the essence of, rather than the literal interpretation of the images which inspire her. Her stone and bronze sculptures can be seen in hospitals, public buildings, churches and other institutions. She is recognized as a sensitive and accomplished artist dedicated to grace and beauty of form, and to meticulous attention to detail.


Recently Burink has been working in Mesquite wood. The wood she uses is usually fifty-plus year’s old, dense, strong, and quite beautiful. Because it is a hard wood Mesquite is often considered difficult to carve, but it is the perfect carving medium for a stone sculptor! An older tree has dense wood with interesting voids and lovely grain and is almost completely heartwood, lending itself perfectly to the stylized shapes for which Burink is noted. The carving is challenging, but what emerges from the wood is graceful, free and individual, reflecting the beauty of the natural world. Each carving takes on its own presence and form. Burink embellishes the finished carving with flashes of color as each form requires. The sculptures, many of which are her bird shapes, are wonderfully unique and a joy to experience.


Ruth Burink resides in San Antonio, in the heart of Texas. Her downtown studio offers the perfect venue for her creativity with convenient access to galleries and museums as well as to the inspiration of the Texas hill country.